It's always been easier for me to write
when I'm trying to reason or feel my way through a problem
or a sadness.
I need to give shape to that which burdens me
share the weight of it with the page
and let the dark run away with my endings.

But I am so grateful for the tiny and large
miracles this morning (the sunshine, my body, Austin, this life).
So happy, elated, relieved, optimistic
on top of the world.
Wind at my back,
sun on my face and in my hair,
freckles of sheer joy bursting from
pinkish gold skin.

I will not stamp out this feeling.
I will not mute it
or silence it
or not give it voice.
It's not too good to be true--

It's just good.

I will sing of it
and let the words dance
as they fill the blank screen.
Twirling and dipping and laughing as they move,
hardly able to control themselves,
their giddiness and wildness
demanding our gaze and our gratitude
as we stand and sway in awe
unable to look away.